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Working Together
We excel in translating your requirements into applications that deliver results. We are excited to present our application development proposal and want to make sure that you have all the information to start this journey of creative development.

We are a team of outstanding professionals from diverse technological backgrounds, capable of delivering applications that you envision, so you can continue to focus on real problems and deliver groundbreaking solutions.

Research and outreach:

Requirement Specifications


A large part of the application development work CUBITS do, is behind the scenes. However, before any of that begins, we need to make a checklist of everything you want in your new mobile app. And we keep revising this every month (agile strategy) to make sure that we match your expectations with no deviations.

We will gather information about your company and how it works. We will figure out who your customers are and how we can attract more through your new app. What is the real strategy intent behind the application and what we can do to make it more intuitive?

Framework & Design


Like a website, an app needs a sitemap and wireframes. Think of this as the structural integrity of a skyscraper. You will have an important role in the design process, as it’s significant that you are getting what you want. Plus, it’s better to work out issues in this stage than later down the road. Here are some highlights of this process:

  • Functionality and content

  • Wireframes, the structural core of your app

  • Branding and integration of existing digital platforms (i.e., web and email)

  • User Experience and User Interface, or UX and UI — essentially, how you interact with the app, what makes it easy to use and desirable

Development & Testing


We’ve come a long way at this point. You’ve put in a lot of work. Next part of the process is laborious and time-consuming but expect to hear from us every two weeks as our agile sprints brings a product a little closer to final product. This helps us to keep track and you to be satisfied that we both are creating and getting what we expect.

We’re almost there. Your new mobile app is built and ready to launch. We will undergo different types of testing before final release, so we are sure that we are launching the product without any critical bug.

Deployment & Launch

After testing is complete with satisfactory results, we would give you a chance to play around with the final product (beta version) and sand out any final edges you want to bring the best out of the application, we call this User acceptance testing. After this is done, we are ready to launch on the date you confirm.

Maintenance & Support


We’ll handle all necessary maintenance, technical support, and minor upgrades for six months after we help you launch your application.
This lets you focus on marketing your application and getting it into as many hands as possible while we handle the technical details. We'll also prepare your team to take over these tasks when the six-month period ends.

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